App Android BLE

App for Android (OtoBLE)

On this page you will find instructions to control your leakage tester with Bluetooth® Low Energy interface with an app on a Android Smartphone or Android Tablet. The app runs on all Android OS platforms as of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API level 23). The special software manual, BLEmanAndroid_EN, describes in detail how to obtain and use the app:

The image below shows a screenshot of the app running under Android, after an ideal measurement while archiving the curve.

The Android Bluetooth LE version (OtoBLE) is available in two different ways:

Via the Google Play Store:

By clicking here you will be taken to the Google Play Store and be able to install the app (OtoBLE). Note that to install an app from the Play Store, Google requires that you have a Google account, if you do not have such an account, you can create it during the procedure.

Via our website:

With the link below you directly download the Android control app as an OtoBLE.apk file (for security reasons as a .zip file), so outside of the Google Play Store. Unzip the file and place OtoBLE.apk on your device in e.g. the …/downloads directory, double-click and follow the instructions to install the app.