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Product sheet Bluetooth® (BLT)

In this product sheet you will find a general description of the otoplastic tester equipped with a Bluetooth® interface.

User manuals Bluetooth® testers

This general guide to using the leak testers with Bluetooth® applies to all platforms:

Additional manual for Bluetooth® testers controlled with Android tablets or smartphones:

Additional guide for Bluetooth® testers controlled from Windows 10 under the Universal Windows Platform (UWP):

Installation manuals Bluetooth® testers

An installation guide is available for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.

The latest standard (classic) software versions (from 3.00) have the ability to automatically search for the correct communication port during installation, this has made installation a lot simpler. With Windows 10 you can also choose an app (OtoBLT) under “Universal Windows Platform” (UWP).

For other platforms, the installation information is part of the BLT user manual.

Installation guides for Bluetooth® control software from v3.00, for the classic app:

Installation guides for Bluetooth® control software prior to v3.00, for classic app: