Specifications (BLE)

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)

The wireless Bluetooth® LE version offers an elegant and flexible method for performing a leak test. The user is literally not tied to a fixed arrangement or location and has the ability to carry out the measurement with the help of e.g. a smartphone or tablet with a limited or no USB connection at all. Naturally, desktops and laptops equipped with Bluetooth® LE can also be used.

Specifications Bluetooth® LE Leakage Testers:

test pressure5mB [51mmH2O, 500Pa]
measurement time5 seconds
overall test durationmax. 10 sec.
power source4 x AA battery, Alkaline or NiMH
interfaceBluetooth® 4.0, or higher
weightapprox. 250 gram (excl. batteries)

Control software is available for:

  • Windows 10, in the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), this platform is an exclusive part of W10 OS a.k.a. Universal App Platform (UAP), hardware: desktop, laptop and tablet
  • Android OS, as of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23), hardware: tablet and smartphone
  • Apple iOS, from: iPad model Air, iPhone model 6 (both iOS12.5.1) and laptop with M1 (ARM) processor