The general procedure is the same for both types, Bluetooth® (BLT) and USB.

For the test, the space in the ear canal, between eardrum and the otoplastic, is brought to a pressure of 5mB (0.037psi) with normal outside air and barely noticeable. This corresponds to a pressure exerted by a water column of 5cm. This pressure system is then closed (airlocked) and if the pressure in the ear canal remains stable for a period of five seconds, the otoplastic has the perfect fit.

The physical leak tester is a separate unit in which all the hardware is housed to be able to do the leak test. The unit only has an on/off button (BLT) or connection/power cable (USB) and an outlet nozzle to which an air hose must be connected. All operation is done from a computer (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone), this creates the possibility to save results for further processing and verification.

Some examples of the appearance of the software operating the tester are shown below. The control buttons are clearly visible and speak for themselves, but are extensively discussed in the instructions for use.

Windows version, shown here is the operating software for Bluetooth® leak testers. This application (classic app) runs on all Windows versions, from XP in fact, but is intended for desktops and laptops with Windows 7 or Windows 10. With the introduction of Bluetooth® Low Energy in our mobile leak testers (from 2021), this classic Windows version (3.35) is no longer applicable and will no longer be updated.

The Universal Windows Platform version (UWP), shown here the operating software for our USB leak testers. This version runs exclusively on Windows 10 platforms (lap and desktop, but also on MS Surface systems.

Here you can see the Bluetooth® version for Android Tablets and Smartphones. The operating software for the Android platforms requires at least Android operating system version 4.1.x (Jelly Bean, API level 16) or higher.

A comprehensive manual for use and installation is available for each type of tester and the associated software.