App for iOS (OtoBLE)

On this page you will find instructions to control your leakage tester with Bluetooth® Low Energy interface with an app on a Apple iOS paltform. The app runs on iPads as of model Air, iPhones as of model 6 (both iOS12.5.1) and MaccBooks with M1 (ARM) processor. The special software manual, BLEmaniOS_EN, describes in detail how to obtain and use this app:

The image below shows a screenshot of the app running on an iPad, just after an ideal measurement while archiving the curve.

The app is located in the App Store and is called OtoBLE (you can use this to search by name). The app is categorized under “Utilities” and via OtoBLE in the App Store you will be directed to the OtoBLE app for iOS platforms in a separate tab.