General Info (BLT)

General Information

To ensure that internally placed hearing protectors (otoplastics) function optimally, a leak test is performed. This highly reproducible test (measurement) provides certainty about the exact fit of the otoplastic, i.e. the earmold.

During the procedure, the space in the ear canal, between eardrum and otoplasty, is pressurized with air to just five millibars (0.073 psi). The entire system is then closed (airlocked) and if the pressure in the ear canal remains stable for a period of five seconds, the otoplastic has exactly the perfect fit. In addition to the operation of the leak tester, the accompanying software offers the option of graphically and real-time analyzing the pressure course during the measuring time. By printing the graph, the hearing care professional can compile a certificate for each ear of the client.

The tester does not require any special maintenance and does not need regular calibration. Two different types of otoplastic testers, or ‘leak testers’ for short, are available:

  • a mobile Bluetooth® version (BLT), which works on batteries and can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet, but also simply from a laptop or desktop
  • a fixed USB version, permanent power supply and can be controlled from a laptop or desktop. Often used in a fixed arrangement, although there are also tablets and even smartphones (so-called OTG’s) that can control this USB version

This smooth and and simple test offers the possibility to record the results in a document, which provides an option to determine after a certain period of time, during a retest, whether the fit is still adequate. This can create continuity.

The tester is supplied as a so-called “Black Box”, this means that all information about the use of the tester and the description of the operating software, as well as the software itself, must be downloaded from our site, or the relevant Store.